A Hearty Hello at the Cactus!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWelcome to my new internet abode! You might know me from my book blog, Nyx Book Reviews. Or maybe you know me from Twitter as CelineNyx. Or maybe you just don’t know me at all and was wondering at that odd blog name.

In any case, you’re cordially invited at the Cactus. Feel free to look around, and do let me know if you encounter any broken links. Many parts of this site are still in progress, but they’ll all be shiny and functional soon. Please do subscribe through any way you’d like (or request a different way to subscribe and I’ll add it).

As an introductory post, I’ll post seven facts about myself you might not know yet.

  1. My favourite number is 7
  2. Billy Talent is my favourite band – and even though they’re from Canada I’ve managed to see them four times
  3. When I grow up I want to be a published writer. So far I’ve finished a few short stories and a children’s book about a boy and a unicorn
  4. I’m 20, but think being an adult is overrated
  5. When my boyfriend and I move in together we want a corgi, a collie, a cat, and a pet donkey
  6. Purple is my favourite colour, although I’m also quite partial to many shades of blue
  7. I can play the piano pretty decently and have dabbled into playing the electric guitar. I’ve also danced ballet (as an adult and not very long) and streetdance (as a kid). Needless to say my pursuits and interests vary widely

What are some facts people might not know about you yet?

3 thoughts on “A Hearty Hello at the Cactus!

  1. Love the new blog look and direction! I look forward to chatting books, movies, music and all that fun stuff 😀 Congrats! Oh and I love the black kitty pic, one of my cats looks the same XD Don’t feel bad either, I’m 34 and still say when I grow up I want to be a published writer hehe I love purple too and lots of shades of blue but my favorite is Indigo since it has blue and purple I guess LOL

    • Eeep, I’m so glad you’re excited! I can’t wait to expand my blogging horizons 😀 That’s really cool! We got two black cats, brothers from the same nest.

      Haha, a girl can dream right? Ooo, yes, indigo is a beautiful colour. It has the best of two worlds!

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