Choosing What Book to Read Next

Yesterday I finished reading Lover Awakened. It’s one of my favourite books, and it captured my full attention until it was over. But then it was time to choose my next book. I stared at my shelves and drew a blank. I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to read next. How do you guys what to read next? Do you just go with your gut feeling, or do you have a system?

Often I just stand in front of the holy shelves of bookish awesomeness and take the book that captures my attention. More often than not though, I don’t have that luxury. There are review books to be read on a deadline, and those should be read first. However, constantly reading books you have to read is the perfect recipe for a reading slump. My compromise is usually by picking a small amount of books for review and books for fun, sticking them on a pile, and choose my next read from that pile.

Of course this means that it’s very easy to deceive yourself and only read books you feel like, but those few manageable review copies sitting on that small stack aren’t nearly as intimidating as my ARC shelf. On my current TBR pile, there are three books for review (the bottom three) and three for funsies. Once a book has been on the stack for a very long time (as Unhinged has been) it starts to guilt me into reading it. It’s a really nice system for me, and it works well most of the time.

The only disadvantage to this system is that I tend to completely forget the books on my Kindle. Especially Netgalley books are often neglected by me (which is why I barely request them anymore). I love reading on my old Kindle Keyboard though, so it’s a shame I don’t use it as often as I’d like to. I’ve tried using paper TBR lists so I can include ebooks as well, but those are too rigid for me.

How do you keep yourself from forgetting your ebooks? How do you choose what to read next? I’d love to know!

23 thoughts on “Choosing What Book to Read Next

  1. Neil N. Wonderland says:

    J.R Ward’s The king will do.
    And oh myyy.. you’re editions of harry potter was something! ❤

    • The King is on there as a reminder, but I’m still only at book four of the BDB series. Soon though!

      And I LOVE this edition! Just bought them last year, they’re so pretty

      • Neil N. Wonderland says:

        I know!!! OMG. I feel you. You got yourself a pretty kickass collection as well.

        Love love it! and hey I just noticed your Gena Showalter’s Alice in Zombieland. Have you read that one? Looks interesting.

  2. Leonor (Ner) says:

    I normally pile them up on top of my printer – the most obvious place in my room, hard to ignore – and choose them by the order they were sent to me. I try to read ARCs first so I can indulge myself into the pleasure of other books 🙂

    As for the NetGalley/Edelweiss ones, I write down their limit date on my schedule (I have a schedule dedicated exclusively for my blog :P) and also read them by the order they were accepted 😀

    I try to read a physical then a ebook, a physical then a ebook… but it depends a lot on what I feel like reading.

    I sometimes try to schedule my reading. For instance, I write down that I MUST start a particular (NetGalley or physical) by Monday and have it read by Thursday tops! I admit, that doesn’t work that well but it did help me in tackle down my TBR the past (for a reason it’s not working now!) ^_^

    XX Ner

    • That’s pretty clever, stacking them up in one place. Sadly my TBR ARCs kinda grew out of control, so they’re no longer stackable.

      I have a blog schedule too! But I don’t add when to read books to it because that doesn’t seem to work for me.

      Ha, I often have to squish a book in because I forgot about it and the deadline is near! Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

      Thanks for sharing how you plan your reading, Ner!

  3. I’m a heavy scheduler too. I keep a spreadsheet with all the ARC publish and expiration dates. Lately, I’ve been trying hard to keep enough space between have-to-reads for reading what strikes my fancy.

    I sort my Kindle ebooks by collection and have a collection named “* Reading / TBR” for ebooks I want to read in the near future. (The asterisk in the name keeps that collection at the top of the list.) I also have an ARC collection and collections for various challenges and different genres.

    • That’s a great idea, using collections on your Kindle. I forgot you could do that. I try to keep a sense of order in my ebooks by only having unread ones on my Kindle, but having a collection of books that should be read sooner rather than later would be very convenient. Thanks for sharing Katherine!

  4. I always read several books at the same time and one of them is always an e-book (since I’m addicted to requesting books on Edelweiss/Netgalley + auto-approved, haha) I really pick books up according to my mood 🙂

  5. I often read ARCs lately because I have been neglecting them terribly, but for a break, I usually pick something that jumps at me from my shelves. 🙂 Something I may have had for ages, maybe something new, maybe something gifted… Depends on my mood.
    But I can rarely afford that because if deadlines, as you said yourself. ARCs come first but when I clean them up I’ll pick something light.
    I do read more than one often (unless it’s such a good one it totally captures my attention) and alternate a bit to ‘rest’ from the other.

  6. Yeah, usually I’ll read whatever I feel like, but when I go places where I know I have to wait, I’ll bring my Kindle with me so that I can catch up on my e-books. I just got onto NetGalley so I went a bit overboard with the amount of books I requested…

  7. First of congrats on your new blog 🙂 I wish you many great post with it 🙂

    For the topic, well it’s pretty much like you. Sometimes I do get that luxury to pick any book from my shelf but more often there are deadlines that I need to tackle and different kind of request I need to do. So yeah. Great post 🙂

  8. I agree with this statement 100% – ”constantly reading the books you HAVE to read is a perfect recipe for a slump”. Happened to me last year and since then I try to spread out what I HAVE to read with what I WANT to read. Often times I end up deciding with my gut; what’s drawing me in at one particular time. And then there’s review books of course but since I tend to read more than one book at a time, I usually do one ‘have to read’ and one ‘want to read’ book at the same time 🙂 Like you though, I end up forgetting some NG & EW review copies on my e-reader. Sometimes I do up mini paper lists too just so I know what’s upcoming and what I should start thinking about reading soon(-ish)

    PS- your bookshelf photo? LOVE ♥ Gorgeous!!

  9. Not a bad way to choose them 🙂 I usually schedule buddy reads with friends and that rocks 😀 even if I’m not in the mood for the particular book, it’s still fun since I don’t read it alone. otherwise I choose based on my mood

    • Buddy reads are so much fun! Sadly I don’t know a lot of people that read the same books as I do, so setting one up is rather difficult. Thanks for stopping by Aly!

  10. moosha23 says:

    Love your’s beautiful!
    and i usually read on my e-reader when i’m in the ‘ereading’ mood. and choosing what book to read next is VERY hard…i try to read them all at the same time, then i have to DNF a couple because it takes time to finish them all, and then i just don’t want to read anything in front of me. :/
    but possibly having a poll and letting other readers choose for you will help?

    • Thank you! I spend a lot of time reorganising my books on my shelf till I’m happy with how it looks, ha.

      I really like the idea of having other choose for me! Especially with books I’ve been putting off for ages, that would really help. I’ll give it a try some time

  11. My reading system is so simple: First buy, first read, heheh.

    But in any special day, such… when I wanna more laugh, I skip that system and read humor book that I want, even it was the new one 😀

    Anyway, I like your Inheritance cycle edition! >.<

    • Good system! If I had stuck to that I might not have so many unread books right now 😀

      Ahh thank you! The white ones aren’t very easy to find, so I’m rather pleased with my colelction, ha

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