How Much Time Does Blogging REALLY Cost?

I think on one thing bloggers can all agree – no matter if you blog about books, fashion, writing, or nature – blogging costs a lot of time. More time than you’d expect. Only when real life become busy, we notice just how much time we actually spend on our online outlets. 


There are so many different facets to having a blog. There is the rather obvious one: writing blog posts. But even this isn’t so simple as it sounds. Many posts need preparations – books have to be read, movies have to be watched, products have to be tested. Other posts need a flash of inspiration and a lot of brainstorming. If you’re getting a bit more serious about blogging, you probably also have to find a way to spread posts, to make sure your blog won’t accidentally go without posts for over a week. This schedule needs to stay up to date.


Even if you’re a fairly laid back blogger, posts have to be shared. The easiest way to do this is through social media: Twitter, Facebook, Google+… But you can’t just promote on your account, and that’s it. At least, you can, but it won’t work. Social media accounts need interaction to work well. And then there is the bane of my existence: crossposting. If you’re a book blogger, you’re probably posting your reviews on your blog; but also posting them on Goodreads, Booklikes, or Amazon. Or all of those.

On one typical blogging day, I roughly kept track of how much time I spend on my blog. The result was rather baffling, even for me. I spent three hours, just to keep my blog updated. In this time I wrote a review (15 minutes), scheduled a review (10 minutes), updated my schedule and made a to do list (15 minutes), posted a readathon update (10 minutes), responded to comments and tweets (5 minutes), wrote a discussion post (45 minutes), responded to emails (10 minutes), crossposted to Booklikes (10 minutes). And between these chunks of doing actual blog work I found myself checking Twitter over and over again, spending over half an hour interacting with fellow readers.


And this isn’t an anomaly. Keeping Nyx Book Reviews up to date probably costs me about ten to twelve hours a week. And that’s without reading anything. So on top of those ten hours, I also at least spend six to twelve hours reading. Having a nice book blog is taking me as much time every week as a part-time job would. And I’m not getting paid a dime for it.

So how do you guys cope with this? How much time does your blog upkeep take every week? Do you ever feel like blogging is sucking away all of your free time?

18 thoughts on “How Much Time Does Blogging REALLY Cost?

  1. I never even thought about it but I think blogging takes a lot of my time. I used to blog every single day, so now that I don’t anymore it’s a huge relief for me and a lot less work. I never even realized before how much time and energy I’ve been pouring in this.
    I should make a timetable to see what it takes for me to post on the blog. Three hours sounds a lot but when you break it down you did a lot in that time.

    • Blogging every day requires a LOT of dedication. I’ve tried it for a month or two, but I honestly found it rather impossible.

      It’s so easy to get sucked into working on a blog. A comment here, post idea there, chat with some blogger friends… And there goes another hour. If you ever time yourself when you’re blogging, let me know! I’d be really interested to see how much time others spend on the different aspects of blogging

  2. moosha23 says:

    Wow, that is a lot of time! I spend about two hours devoted to the blogging world each day. It’s worth it though, there’s no pleasure like blogging I think. Sometimes it does seem like a lot of ‘work’, but it’s also fun: a little side project that’s turned into something bigger.

  3. I like to think I’ve gotten better at managing my time…for my review blog. I also have a green-living/health blog and at the moment that one is behind. For that blog, every single post requires a lot of research, fact checking, and research. If I’m sharing a recipe, I have to try the thing in advance, take pictures and then write down a step-by-step how to. Combined with reading/reviewing books and two jobs, I’m surprised I have any time for my bf and feline family! I’m actually ahead in my review blog, I have posts scheduled for a month ahead of time atm and I like it that way. I’d fallen behind last year and it was bad. Ugh. You’re right though: it IS as much work as a part-time job!! On days off, I can easily spend 6 hours online working through it all, plus the networking and whatnot. We’re lucky we enjoy it and aren’t being forced into doing this XD

    • That does sound like a lot of work. Some topics require more research than others, and your health blog sounds very work-intensive! It’s amazing that you’re so far ahead, that’s great.

      Ha, if blogging was an actual job we would be complaining about how much time it costs! But it’s all in good fun, even though some tasks are a bit tedious. It’s kind of like caring for a pet – cleaning up poo is never fun, but the good outweighs the bad.

  4. It’s eating into my writing time, that’s for sure. But six weeks later I’m able to find a happy balance. Probably half an hour each morning looking at new posts and responding to comments, and then two hours a week writing new articles.

  5. I’m afraid to do this. To actually sit down and time it all. It’s for sure over 3 hours, at least I think. But it’s mostly commenting and writing reviews. Other things are a bit easier as I usually write when I’m inspired to. But yeah it takes a lot of time to have a post up everyday. Great post. I’ll have to do this once 🙂

    • Yeah, I think the bulk of the time I “blog” I’m actually reading other people’s posts, commenting, and commenting back on the posts on my blog. Writing a discussion post or a top ten list or something similar is half an hour work max. If you ever track it, let me know! I’m very curious (:

  6. I’m too scared to time myself.. that’s why I still haven’t counted how many comments I leave like I promised on Twitter :p I think it would shock me. I think it easily could turn out to be 21 hours a week :’) but that’s mostly because I’ve had a lot of time, when I’m going to do my internship I know it will be less.

    • Ha, I can imagine not wanting to count. It’s rather confronting to find out how much time you really spend on something. But honestly, as long as it’s not stressing you out or preventing you from doing other things, there’s nothing wrong in spending a lot of time on your blog 😀

  7. Leonor (Ner) says:

    Never thought about it, really. I know I spend a lot of time planning and updating my blog and stuff and I like to think that has to do with my slow laptop – excuses!! 😛

    But with Uni, family-friends-life and other ordinary things, I sure do spend more than 3 hours a day blogging :S

    This was a very nice and interesting post Celine, well done 😉

    XX Ner

  8. it does take quite a lot of time and it’s the reason we must do it for pleasure or the pressure get too much quickly
    i don’t know how many hours i spend, i prefer not to check in fact but this year i decided to let some pressure go so it’s mostly what i want to do ( one post a week)…

    i do have a lot of list of things to do ^^

    really you are doing great especially when you also write your own book on the side

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