Cologne Zoo

Two weeks ago we went on a trip to Cologne in Germany. There are a lot of awesome things to do when over there, and one of the highlights was the Cologne Zoo. Here are some pictures I made while I was there.

1Even though it’s a city zoo (and therefore has limited space), the Cologne Zoo was really spacious and had a great variation of animals. These camels are immediately at the entrance. Camels are so cool!

2Up next were the meercats. These little guys were very busy foraging while a few of them stood on the lookout for enemies. I love how they sit on their butts and hold those tiny little paws in front of them!

3The flamingos were very busy being flamingos. You know, standing around on one leg and stuff.

4The female brown bear was intrigued by her carrots, while the other bear was sleeping in the shade.

5I honestly think cappibaras are the best animals. Ever. They’re giant spiky guinea pigs! I just want to pet their big snouts. This guy was enjoying a nap in the sun while the rest of his family was munching on some grass.

6It was a really hot day, and the honey badger decided it was just too much. For a moment we were afraid that he was dead, but no, he’s just chillin’ on his back.

7The zoo has a big elephant troupe (I think they had at least seven), and two of them are still calves (I think one was about three, the other five years old). This is the youngest, who was still a bit clumsy and kept missing his body when trying to give himself a sand-bath.

8After all that walking about and watching the animals, we sat down for some drinks and food.

9 We got really lucky with the weather, the whole day was beautiful. We had a great time, and I’d definitely recommend the zoo!

11 thoughts on “Cologne Zoo

  1. Great pictures! Meercats are so cute! We visited a small zoo somewhere close to where my mom lives this summer and they had cappibaras as well (although in a pretty small cage), they are just adorable! This looks like a great zoo, I like it when zoo’s have big cages for their animals and don’t put them with too many in small cages.

    • There used to be this show on Animal Planet, Meercat Manor, that was just awesome! It’s a really good one, all the animals had very nice exhibits with enough plants and things in it so they don’t get bored. I always find it so sad to see animals in small cages ): Luckily this zoo didn’t do that at all

  2. Elephants ❤

    That picture of the honey badger is great too, it's really funny to see him looking so chilled out. Looks like you had a great time, and I'm ALWAYS happy to see pictures of cute animals 😉 I also love your outfit!

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