Making My Apartment More Personal

A few months before summer started, I moved to a new apartment. It’s a studio, so I eat, sleep, and study in the same room. All in all I spend a lot of time in here, and it’s important to me that I like the place I’m in. Right now the space is pretty clean and empty. To make it feel more like home, I’ve been collecting some stuff to make it more “me”.

So, when we were in Cologne, I came across this awesome store called Pylones. The inside is like you’re walking into the wet dream of a kitschy and cutesy stuff lover. It’s chock-full of kitchen utensils, stationary, and other random items you find around your house, only then everything is extremely colourful and you have about a 70% chance it resembles some kind of animal.

7A splash of colour and personality is exactly what my apartment needs, but I decided not to splurge too much and end up with ten pieces of cutlery with legs (they could actually stand on those legs too) or something else I wouldn’t use or that wouldn’t be practical at all. So I ended up buying the three items in the front.

1First of all, OMFG IT’S A TEA SUBMARINE. A SUBMARINE. THAT YOU PUT TEA IN. The moment I saw it I knew I had to have it. It’s actually not from the Pylones brand but Ototo, but I bought it for a pretty great price there. I actually don’t own a tea infuser yet, so it’s practical too.

4Next up is this adorable soap dish shaped like a sheep. Purple is my favourite colour, and I always have a lot of use for soap dishes because I have a small Lush-addiction. Lush has this amazing solid shampoo that I love, but it’s not very good for it to stay in the shower. So, Betsy the soap dish will hold it nice and dry for me!

2My last Pylones goody is this pair of crocodile kitchen pliers. The teeth of the crocodile will make sure that your salad leaves won’t go anywhere you don’t want them to. Honestly, this design is just brilliant, and I’m sure it’ll cheer my kitchen up.

3When we were at the Ludwig museum, I bought a stack of postcards with paintings on them, which I’m planning to pin either over my desk (nothing makes creativity flow more than seeing other people’s creative endeavours) or on my door. I love how colourful these are, and I collected ones in different styles that caught my eye.

5Last but not least, I got some bath towels from Ikea. I actually already have enough bath towels, but I love this pattern, and they’ll look great together with the mono-coloured blue, purple and green ones I already have. It’s great to mix in just a few items into the stuff you already own. It’ll feel new and fresh, but saves a lot of money. The towels are actually a bit more blue and less greenish, but the good lighting was gone by the time I made this picture (boo).

6Add in some plants and new stationary, and I think I’m ready for the new academic year! When I’ve integrated all these items into my room I’ll make sure to take some new pictures. What items make your house feel like home?

9 thoughts on “Making My Apartment More Personal

  1. I love the look of your studio! I’m pretty fond of nice quality fake plants (I’m a hopeless real plant mum), candles in cute jars and holders, framed vinyl records and interesting books on shelves, all of which I use to make my rented flat feel more like home.

    • That all sounds lovely! I’m okay with plants, but only with the kind you only have to water once in a few weeks. Love the idea of putting some candles around, I should do that too. Thanks for stopping by Nadia!

  2. The little tea submarine is so cute! I know I wouldn’t be able to resist the things in Pylones, and if I had money to burn, I would come home with bags and bags of cute things. These are great buys to add more of a personal touch to your apartment. 😀 Happy decorating!

  3. Well that Pylones store sounds like one where I could spend ALL MY MONEY! I love colourful items and animals too so I can picture never wanting to leave that place. Your new appartment is stunning, it looks homey – love the bookshelves (of course) and the purple accents ♥ Best of luck in the new school year 🙂

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