Back to School!

For two glorious months I had no obligations. It was summer time, which meant freedom to do anything or absolutely nothing. But this Monday the freedom came to a rather abrupt ending with the start of the new semester. Which means a lot less goofing around, and a lot more reading books with scary titles like Narrative Comprehension and Film.
schoolI’m starting my third year as Culture Studies student at Tilburg University, which also means that this is my last year. At least, if all goes well, but I am counting on it 😀 After I get my BA this I’ve got my eyes on a MA at Utrecht University so I can specialise further in literature.

It’s weird how fast these two years have gone by. I feel like I’m finally adjusting to living and studying like a student, and it’s already almost over! Honestly, I don’t feel like I know anything. There is still so much more to learn, how can my education be almost completed?!

The teachers are definitely kicking things up a notch. The two classes I’ve had so far are already quite complicated, though very interesting. My classes range from History of Medieval Philosophy to Globalisation to Psychology of Religion. It’s like I have one last hurrah of the broad scope of my course until it’s time to go specialise.

In a few months I’ll have to start writing my dissertation and I’m already brainstorming for subjects. I’m already pretty nervous, eep!

Goodbye summer. We had a great time, see you next year!


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