A Day at Sea in Scheveningen

We have these train tickets in the Netherlands which have a fixed price, and with them you can go anywhere you want. So on Saturday last week, we hopped on a train, and went on an adventure.


We actually didn’t have any plans getting on that train. We just drove to Utrecht (a central point in our country, from there you can go basically anywhere) and were hoping on getting a nice idea on the way. The day was rather dreary, and we needed something indoorsy. Enter: Sealife! What’s better than to spend a free afternoon in an aquarium.

aquaSince we were at sea, we just HAD to have mussels. Here is me, being very happy with our big pan to share.

mosselenAfter that, the sun came out from behind the clouds, and we strolled over the beach. We haven’t been at the beach in three years, and it was so cool to just sit there and watch the waves and feel the wind in my hair. There were hardly any people there, even though the weather was quite lovely.



And then it was time to scrub the sand off our feet and take the train home bound. It was such an awesome day, while in the morning we had no idea where we were heading. I wish we lived closer to the sea!

8 thoughts on “A Day at Sea in Scheveningen

  1. The weird thing is that I actually live pretty close to sea, but hardly ever go there. Maybe because when you live close it seems less special? I live in Zoetermeer and before that i lived in Den Haag, so growing up we where at the sea quite often, but nowadays i actually almost never go to the beach anymore.
    I like walking on the beach, but in summer it’s usually crowded and if it’s not summer there are a lot of loose running dogs and I am terrified of dogs. Beside that the sand can be a bit messy, so i usually prefer a swimming pool if I want to swim. But the beach can be nice once in awhile, I can’t remember the last time I went to the beach.

    • Probably. I only ever see the sea when we’re on a trip, usually in France or somewhere else far away. I hate how crowded beaches get during the summer! Especially in the Netherlands, it’s almost like you’re lying on each other’s laps. In the late summer/autumn months is lovely though (:

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