The Crazy Reading Month That’s September

Although I’ve never seen myself as a particular mood reader, it turns out I actually am. My reading comes and goes. Unlike other book lovers I don’t necessarily read every day – some days I might read an entire book, and then I won’t read for five days. The summer of 2013 was especially notorious: in the space of two months I read 40 books. This summer was actually pretty average for me, but since the semester started again, I’ve turned into a reading devil.

So far I’ve read:


My favourite of this batch is Of Things Gone Astray. I haven’t gotten to reviewing this book yet but oh my goodness it is amazing. It doesn’t release until 2015 which is rather sad because I want everyone to read it NOW. It’s literary fiction about a bunch of people that have all lost something. A woman has lost her sense of direction, a man’s job has disappeared, another woman’s front of her house is gone. The combination of these surreal scenes combined with a healthy dose of realism made it one of my favourite books of this year.

Other books I’ve really enjoyed include Hounded and the graphic novel The Midas Flesh. Also enjoyable were Asylum and The Selection. I was a bit disappointed with both Grave Secret and Attachments; they weren’t bad books at all, but they didn’t quite fulfil my expectations. I feel rather undecided about Eren and The Unbearable Lightness of Being. Both were interesting to a certain extent, but I wasn’t very invested into the stories.

Part of the reason I’ve been reading so much might be in the fact that I spend a lot of my time on trains – and there is absolutely nothing better to do on a train than reading. I’m curious if I’ll keep this reading spree up, or if the drive to read will fizzle and disappear in a few days. Until it does, I’m stockpiling reviews!

Have you ever had a reading craze, where you just had to read EVERYTHING?

4 thoughts on “The Crazy Reading Month That’s September

  1. I’m the same as you, I read all day or nothing for a week! 😀 I am glad to hear you read so much! My year is a bit slow, I am 9 book behind schedule :X I decided to forsake ARCs for the remainder of the year and focus on old ARCs and mood reads 😀 So far it’s going well. 😀
    I was in a craze with BDB, I read all 11 in like 4 weeks + the short story. ^^ It was awesome 😀

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