Nyx at Night: The Amityville Horror

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1Title: The Amityville Horror
Year: 2005
Director: Andrew Douglas
Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Melissa George

When you’re looking for horror movies to watch, it’s hard to miss the Amityville franchise. Apparently there have been made twelve (!) movies featuring this “real” haunted house. The Amityville Horror from 2005 is a remake of the original Amityville Horror, made in 1979. It features a family of five, that move into the house where unspeakable things have happened.

The thing this movie completely lacks is tension. Instead of the slow creepy built-up movies like Paranormal Activity excel in, The Amityville Horror just kind of plunks it right into your face. Boom, creepy kid. Here, have some corpse standing next to you in the bathroom. Instead of going for the long-term scares, The Amityville Horror prefers jump-scares and a bit of gore here and there. Although the result is a Hollywood-esque type of horror, that doesn’t mean it’s not effective. The special effect are very well done, and some moments were positively haunting.


The Amityville Horror is the horror equivalent of a hamburger – it’s good, and you will feel satisfied when it’s over, but it’s not memorable. Especially when the plot began to unfold, I got a very strong The Shining vibe that I couldn’t shake while watching. As my boyfriend said after finishing: “Hm, a small 6,5 out of 10.”


3 thoughts on “Nyx at Night: The Amityville Horror

  1. If there is one creepy thing I remember about this movie, it’s not even the ghosts. It’s that clock which Ryan’s character keeps waking up to for a couple of nights and it displays the same time every time.

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