A Weekend of London

As part of our yearly anniversary, my boyfriend and me like to take a trip. The last couple of anniversaries we’ve visited Utrecht, Edinburgh, and Dublin. This year’s trip marked my sixth return to London, a city that has a special place in my heart.

On our first evening, we had perfect dreary London weather. We hopped onto the tube, and visited Picadilly Circus, my favourite book store Waterstones, and Covent Garden. Here is us with a barely visible Picadilly Circus!


On the second day I gave the map over to Bas, who navigated us through the city! We had a slightly creepy run in with some city pigeons who kept following us (eep!).


Amongst other things, we visited the British Museum, the National Gallery, the British Library, and walked most of the sights of London. I also discovered Forbidden Planet, a comic book store I hadn’t know of before, which had a fabulous collection of everything geek, fantasy, and science-fiction.




One of the highlights of the trip was meeting up with three bloggers I’ve known for a long time – Vicky from Books, Biscuits and Tea; Leah from Uncorked Thoughts; and Daphne from Winged Reviews. We met up for dinner, and then went browsing at the Foyles book shop. Also huge props for Bas and Phil who endured all of our book talk.



We had an absolutely fabulous time on our anniversary trip. It was filled with all of my favourite places, good food, and I bought many awesome things (including an Alice in Wonderland mug that I LOVE SO MUCH). London is loud, gloomy, flashy, historic, modern, and smelly, and I can’t wait until I can go back.


Have you ever been to London? What is your favourite place?

21 thoughts on “A Weekend of London

  1. These photos look like you had a great time 🙂 One of my favorite places in London is standing on the Millenium Bridge looking at the rebuilt Globe theater. It instantly makes me feel calm. I also love the Science Museum – so much to see, so many things to try out. London is just an amazing city and I cannot wait for summer to be here because I’ll be visiting again this August.

    • I’d never been on the Millenium bridge, but I love the walk, and how you can see the city and the Globe and how all the old and new buildings mix. Ahh, I’m so glad for you you’re going to be there this August! Hope you have a wonderful time

  2. YAYY! Thanks for sharing all the lovely photos ♥ London is my dream destination – I can sooo picture visiting and NEVER.EVER. wanting to leave!! The city, bookstores, comic stores, blogger meet ups – everything sounds like it was perfection to me 😀 I can’t imagine London being smellier than NYC but I’m sure I’d get used to it either way LOL

    • Ahh, it’s such a fun city. Especially when you’re into books/culture, there is so much to see! Ha, I’m sure it’s not smellier than NYC. It’s just kind of a sour gassy smell, but you get used to it within a few hours. Which means you have no excuse for not coming to visit 😀

    • If we wait long enough, I’m sure I can visit you (I’ve been in England, Scotland, and Ireland – I’m bound to end up in Wales sometime!). I had a really, really good time ^_^

  3. Oh that looks super fun! I’ve never been to London (or Europe … or outside of the USA … sadface) but it’s one of the places I’ve always wanted to go. My brothers and I have some friends over there and we always tease about going to visit them, but it’s so expensive!

    PS you and your boyfriend are super cute and you look so happy! 😀

    • Well, I have never been outside of Europe… So I guess it’s kind of the same thing. Maybe we should do an exchange – you come to Europe, and I’ll come to the States! 😀 But yeah, it is crazy expensive. But the nice thing is that once you’re here, travel within Europe is actually pretty cheap.

      Thank you ^_^

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