A Day in My Life

Don’t you love getting a peek into someone else’s life? Lola and Ashley shared their daily routines, and I decided to share my own as well. Although my days are crazy flexible because I tend to sleep in three different homes in one week (my own, my mom’s, and my boyfriend’s), my days tend to follow the same basic schedule.


10:00-11:00 Time to get up

I’ve been trying to set my biological clock slightly earlier, but as things are now, I get up somewhere between ten and eleven. During the weekends I might snooze for a while, but during the week I try to be up at half past ten.

11:00-12:00 Getting started

When I get up, I try not to dive head first into the day. I avoid turning on device connected to the web. A year ago, turning on my PC was the first thing I did when getting up, but I’ve found out I prefer to wake up fully before being faced with other people’s needs and experiences. Instead I now do some reading with a cup of tea.

12:00-17:00 Do useful things

When I do finally sit down at my desk, I first make a list of things I would like to accomplish that day. My to do holds all kinds of things, including household chores (laundry, cleaning), university assignments, and blog upkeep. Then, after catching up with emails and social media, I get cracking at that to do. I usually start by crossing off some easier things from my list, concentrating on the harder ones during the afternoon. When I get hungry I’ll eat some lunch. Although I don’t spend all of this time working in a concentrated way, my mind stays on the goals I want to accomplish that day. During this time I might also have some classes at university, which then (obviously) take priority over my list.

17:00-20:00 Winding down and dinner time

I really like to eat. And there is nothing I hate more than cooking in a stressed way. So after five-ish, depending on how much I have going on, I play some games or read to relax. Then I take my time cooking (or continue relaxing, when someone else is cooking for me). When I’m alone, I like to watch a TV show while eating. Some favourites at the moment are Gossip Girl and Pushing Daisies. On Thursdays I have ballet class around this time, so then instead of having dinner, I’ll have eaten a light snack, and spend an hour prancing and twirling around.

20:00-00:00 Miscellaneous

My evenings are rather diverse. Sometimes I’ll have to spend them studying, or I might catch up on writing some blog posts. Other times I’ll hang out with friends or watch a movie with my mom or my boyfriend. I don’t really seem to have an evening ritual.

00:00-1:00 Get ready for sleep

I’m not an easy sleeper, and a decent pre-bed ritual is incredibly important. I try to spend an hour away from lit screens before I go to sleep. Television is okay, but a computer or tablet is not. Usually I’ll sit down with a book until I get sufficiently sleepy, brush my teeth and put on PJs, and lay down in bed for another ten minutes of reading. And then it’s off to dream land!

Laid out like this, it becomes pretty clear that my life is well, pretty awesome. I only have four hours of classes every week, and I can determine my own hours for studying, blogging, and other pursuits. It’s fantastic never having to get up early. Being a student isn’t easy, and keeping up with school requires many hours of work, but my life is very laid-back in general. I’m not looking forward to having a 9-5 job at some point.

When people wonder how I manage to read this much, it’s mainly because of this. Reading is built into my schedule, and hardly ever does a day go by where I don’t at least do my evening reading. Winding down properly is incredibly important for me not to get burnt-out, and books are vital in that respect.

I’m curious – what is your daily routine?

14 thoughts on “A Day in My Life

  1. What a great routine! I love the idea of not switching on your computer as soon as you get up – I may have to adopt that technique. Reading has become something I seem to only do when I’m not making myself busy trying (and often failing!) to be productive. It’s great that you’ve factored it into your routine.

    • Not switching the computer on immediately is such a small change, but it helps reduce stress for me. And it’s not like I would get anything done in that time anyway, I’ll still be way too groggy for that.

  2. Readign with a cup of tea sounds like a really nice way to wake up. I usually do soem silly game on my ipad and drink tea and eat my breakfast. Only after that I start my computer, just like you I prefer to fully wake up before turning on my computer.
    You sounds so organized with the whole making list things for what you want to accomplish that day!
    I am the same I hate cooking in a stressed way and I always start early so I can eat aroudn 6pm as else I get too hungry.

    Thanks for sharing your daily routine and linking back to my site :). I like your schedule it sounds relaxed, while you still get everything done that you have to do.

    • Playing a silly game is a nice relaxed way of waking up too 🙂 Ugh, cooking when you’re hungry is the worst! It feels like the food will never get done.

      You’re welcome 😀 I really enjoyed your post.

  3. I’m so jealous by how free your time is! I know you have lots of uni work but I love how mostly schedule free your life is. I’m binge watching my way through Gossip Girl too. I find it relaxing to watch an episode or three to chill out with!

    • It’s fantastic, especially because that leaves me free to travel whenever I want to, which I wouldn’t be able to do with a rigid schedule. Ahh yes (: I only have one more season of Gossip Girl to go I think, not sure what I will do once I finish it

  4. moosha23 says:

    Your life is pretty awesome! Especially the relatively late mornings.

    For me I have to wake up at 6:30am every single day of the week (but I relent and wake up at 7:30 instead most days, which is bad because then I get nothing done).
    On the weekdays I have school until 5:00pm (last year until college means more studying!) and then I come home, study some more, do some blogging and writing, check up on my emails and feeds, and then after an hour of reading Qur’an I get onto my sleep-routine. (I’m not stating time peroids for a reason – my weekdays are hectic).
    Sleep routine includes the normal stuff but most of it is reading and then sleeping! 😀 And on matters of food and housekeeping stuff…I stay with my family so housekeeping (at least my part) is done on the weekends whereas food is made by the Mom. 😀
    And weekdays? Early mornings, work, come home, eat lunch, then get on with the day like I do on the weekdays after school!

    • I love my late mornings! Especially because I am NOT a morning person.

      Your days sound super busy. Our high school actually had less hours in the last year before college, not more. But most were still spent preparing for exams, so I guess that doesn’t matter much.

      I’m all for reading before sleep! Really calms the mind to get in the right mood (: Thanks for sharing your daily routine, Mawa 😀

  5. I’m also not looking forward to the 9-5 life that’s about to get started this year. It’s going to take a lot of adjustment.. Ohh, by the way, that Paddington mug is awesome. My grandmother & -father had a couple of them too 😀

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