Books & Brunch

Sometimes when you travel you come across an awesome book store or café or shop that you desperately wish you had back at home. That happened to me when I travelled to Bruges last month, where we went to Books & Brunch, a second hand book store slash lunchroom.


Not only does the store offer a wide choice of books you’re welcome to browse through when drinking your coffee, they also have pretty fantastic food and a welcoming personnel. Being lactose intolerant, it can be a bit of a pain finding out whether there is milk or cream in the dish I want to eat. The people at Books & Brunch were super understanding, and made everything as easy as possible. Our server even came up with alternatives, which hasn’t happened to me before. So, after some discussion, I was enjoying my grilled sandwich with ham and tomatoes and a caramel soy latte.


After the food it was time for some browsing. Their selection is what you’d expect from a second hand book store – many popular fiction books in paperbacks. I love how the books are EVERYWHERE. There are books on the stairs, books next to the stairs, books on tables, books on shelves… It’s a book lover’s heaven.




In case you’d like to visit Books & Brunch, you can find it at Garenmarkt 30 in Bruges.

They also have a website and Facebook, though they generally write in Dutch.

11 thoughts on “Books & Brunch

  1. Awww this sounds like an incredible place to spend an afternoon ♥ I especially like how helpful the staff was in considering your lactose intolerance. As someone with food allergies myself, I know how challenging eating out can be, it makes me smile when people are understanding like this^^ And of course the books! The books all over the place, on lovely shelves, in stairs, by the bathrooms 😀 I love it! Thanks for sharing Celine!! xx

    • People can be so oblivious about food allergies. It’s not that I blame them, but it does get tiring to have to explain that there is indeed milk in yoghurt and that I can’t eat it. So it’s very refreshing to be in a place where it’s not considered a problem at all (: And the books everywhere look so pretty!

  2. Oh this looks like a great shop, I love the combination of lucnhroom and book store and how you can check out books while eating and drinking. And that’s so fun how the books seem to be everywhere!

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