Photo Album Woes

I enjoy to travel and to do fun activities, and I enjoy taking pictures of the places I go and the people I’m with. However, just having those pictures is rather boring, the coolest part is looking through them and reminiscing. And come on, who is going to dig through all of those thousands of digital photos on their computer? So there is only one solution. Turn that huge pile of pictures into a photo album you can leaf through.

photo album 1

When we were still in high school, one of my best friends made me an amazing photo book filled with little poems and pictures of us and of things I love (like bands, some very good looking dudes, food, books…)

photo album 2

It’s honestly one of the coolest things I own, and for a very long time I’ve tried to keep filling the photo album with further awesomeness… and I failed.

photo album 3

I don’t know why it’s so hard to just sit down and fill that album, but it is. I’ve collected all of the stuff I’d like to put in there (tickets, cards, other little memories) and I know I have all of the pictures, but for some reason it’s just not happening. Even when I sit down to do it, I only make about one page at a time before I get distracted into doing something else. It’s also just a very messy progress, because I will try all kinds of different constellations and combinations of pictures before I’m happy with the result.

Scrapbooking just really isn’t my forte, apparently.

However, a few weeks ago, one of the Dutch we-sell-absolutely-everything stores called HEMA had a discount for a digital photo album. Now that is something I can do.

photo album 5

So instead of messing around with glue and piles of photos and all the other random stuff I’ve collected, I sat down in front of my laptop, something I do all day anyway, and put together a photo album of all of our travels in the last few years. The software was incredibly easy to use, and I was done in an hour or two.

photo album 4

I sent the file to the store, and within a week – tadah! – a brand new and shiny photo album. Because these things can get rather expensive I chose a small size album, but you can go full on A4 if you want to. I’m extremely happy with the result, and I love that it didn’t take all that much effort (because yes, I am lazy). Now I have all of my travel memories of the last few years in one little pretty book! I can’t wait to make a new one for all of my future adventures (:

What do you do with your pictures?

12 thoughts on “Photo Album Woes

  1. Ooh I should do something like that for some of my photos! I got a really nice book done and designed by someone else for my wedding pictures and it was so pretty. I mean who doesn’t love looking through albums? 😀

  2. moosha23 says:

    I like the digital photo album idea – I can imagine how bogged down with photos and crafts stuff you’d get trying to do it manually! Recently my family and I have finished filling in some baby photo albums and the amount of time and effort that goes into it is quite a lot! I mean, I love the photo albums we have now but doing it digitally would have been much easier!

    • Ugh, yes! And when you do it manually, always something goes wrong. You run out of glue, you glue two pages together, the picture went on crooked… I’m too much of a perfectionist for scrapbooking, I think. With really old photos, you don’t really have a choice though. Glad to hear the baby photo albums turned out well 😀

  3. My mom has a few of those Hema albums for vacations and such in the A4 format and they look really neat. I don’t think scrabooking is something for me either and I rather put a photobook together with some software on my computer, sounds much easier. Your photo album looks really nice!

    • Even the ones with the “cheap” paper from HEMA look great, in my opinion. Making a photobook on the computer is way less messy, and it’s easy to get a good result. Thanks Lola! (:

  4. I’ve been meaning to make a photo album of all the fun stuff that happened over the past couple of years for, well, a couple of years, but I still haven’t done so! I made a digital photo album for my aunt’s 50th birthday though, and it was fun to do and so easy, like you said. 🙂 Your album looks really great!
    I’m also thinking about just printing a lot of photos (or, well, let the HEMA print them for me) and hanging them around my room… Either way, I should just really get on with it, haha!

    • Ha, isn’t it easy to keep putting it off? Hanging them around your room is a fun idea as well! In high school I took down two doors from one of my closets and completely stuck it with pictures. It was a lot of work as well, but the result was awesome. Anyways, seems like a shame not to use the pictures one way or another (:

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