A Tale of Two Blogs

two blogsOne sunny day in July, I decided to start a new blog, one for something else than just books (even though there obviously is always space for some bookishness). For around nine months now, I’ve been keeping up with two blogs: Nyx Book Reviews, and this one. In this post I look back on my decision to start Irresponsible Cactus, and how the last nine months have been.

At first, my intentions for Irresponsible Cactus were rather ambitious. Because I had been feeling overwhelmingly bored by my book blog, I wanted a fresh start. I’ve blogged on Nyx Book Reviews for over four years (almost five now, actually), and I felt the format of a book blog was limiting. I wanted to blog about writing and travel and other exciting things, subjects that did not fit with what I was going for on my book blog. Instead, my #stuffblog was born. I expected that Irresponsible Cactus would largely leech of some readership from Nyx Book Reviews, and that it, after some time, might become my primary blog.

It didn’t work out that way. It was harder than I expected to gain a readership on my now blog, while my book blog stayed strong. Although some people indeed had some interest in my new blogging pursuits, the overwhelming reaction was one of apathy. Many of my readers on Nyx Book Reviews seemed to rather enjoy all of the bookishness, and weren’t very interested in the rather eclectic posts on Cactus (and truly, who can blame them). After an initial spurt of activity, Cactus went on a sort of hiatus as I struggled with my book blog.

cactus visitors

When I finally got my book blog back on the line, and I had recaptured my blogging mojo, I went back to Cactus. Since January I’ve been trying to (on the side) build this blog into what I want it to be. It’s been fairly successful – I’m getting comments, most of my posts get viewed, and slowly but steadily I’m gaining followers. I have noticed though, that because I know Cactus is less frequented than Nyx, I tend to put way more effort into Nyx. When life gets busy, I will still make sure to schedule reviews. Irresponsible Cactus, however, falls to the wayside on moments like that.

And that’s fine, honestly. The entire concept of Irresponsible Cactus is that it’s flexible. Even though I have a standard day of posts (Thursday), the subjects vary widely, and it’s not like my readers can know what to expect. Irresponsible Cactus is sort of my playground, my test site, while the fully matured Nyx Book Reviews is my main outlet. It’s not easy to keep up with two blogs, and when writer’s block hits, it hits hard.

I have blogged so much over the last five years that I simply can’t imagine my life without blogging.

11 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Blogs

  1. I think it’s amazing you can keep up with two blogs at all. I know how much effort goes into maintaining one blog, so I am assuming having two of them is about double the work. I do like your Cactus blog as it shows some other things beside books, and while I love books I also like seeing posts about some other topics now and then :).

    • Yup, definitely double the amount of work. Especially with promoting and comments and such. But I won’t complain, I love it all 🙂 I’m glad you enjoy the other topics I post about!

  2. I’ve enjoyed the cactus posts for this whole time! A lot of times I don’t have anything specific to say but I love seeing your weekend travel posts. The ones of the bookstores are super fun too. I feel like I can live vicariously through your travel adventures!

    • Woop woop, you’re one of my original Cactus readers! 😀 Like I said to MaryKate – I’m so glad you enjoy my travel posts, I love to write them. And I’ll try to do another book store one soon

  3. Keep up the awesome work! I admire you for keeping up two blogs, like Lola said earlier. I enjoy a range of blogs and Irresponsible Cactus is great for something different (I follow mostly book blogs). I love your travel posts–you’re cataloging all the places I’m going to go someday 🙂

  4. I haven’t been around for as long as you have, but I also can’t imagine my life without blogging 🙂 I think it’s great you are able to keep up with two blogs. I’m already struggling with one at the moment.

  5. So much respect to you for managing to keep up with two blogs! I tried that for about six months and found myself utterly run over with trying to juggle reviews + book talks + giveaways + memes for the book blog, as well as the five-day schedule I have for the regular blog. Although I utterly adore blogging, I think one blog is perfectly adequate for me, haha 😉 But seriously, you are incredible – keep up the amazing work!

    • Thanks so much Topaz! It helps that I don’t do any memes on this blog, only the occasional challenge. My schedule is very flexible on the Cactus, so if I can’t keep up for a week, that’s okay too (: Having a five-day schedule is pretty hard core!

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