Life Goals

I’ve seen a few people doing posts about their life goals, and I thought I’d share mine with you as well. Although I quite often think about what I’d like to accomplish in the near future, I barely ever constructively consider what I would like to do with my entire life. So I’ve thought this over for a bit, and I’d like to present my five life goals.
life goals

1. Become a published author

This is my most obvious and most base desire – since I could read, I’ve wanted to become an author. When I was eight, I was allowed to use my free time at school to write a story about a witch. Now, I know that story was probably pretty shitty and it’s not like in the meantime I’ve written dozens of books. But the dream is there, and I still got years aplenty to get a book published in my lifetime.

2. Live abroad for at least six months

Since the first time visiting the UK, I fell in love with it. I can’t even properly put it into words why I think it’s so awesome, but when I’m there, it’s like I belong there. At the time of writing, I’ve visited London six times, did a road trip around the English countryside, and went to Edinburgh. Now, I’m not a very impulsive person and I don’t want to just mindlessly leave everything in the Netherlands behind to live in the UK, but I would like to at least give it a try sometime. And then, if it feels right, I might emigrate more definitively.

3. Get a cat and a dog

We have pets at my mom’s, and I would love to get my own after college. I would probably adopt them from a shelter; apart from it being a humane thing to do, it’s also just very convenient. The people at the shelter can tell you about the personality of the animal (because getting a kitten/puppy is kinda like playing the lottery) and they’re already house trained and everything. I’d love to get a cuddly house cat and a nice medium sized dog. My boyfriend’s dream is to get a corgi, so I think we’ll get one of those in any case.

4. Travel frequently

One of the coolest things about being a student is that my schedule allows me to take random breaks for travel. In the last few years, we’ve gone to England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Luxembourg, and Belgium – and I hope that throughout the years I’ll be able to continue this trend. I don’t really have a bucketlist of countries I just have to visit. Except maybe seeing the pyramids in Egypt, that is definitely a must.

5. Be content

Although I’m quite ambitious, my main goal in life is to just be content with what I have. Even these “life goals” I have are small, attainable ones. I don’t believe chasing from one dream to next will lead to any sense of fulfilment or happiness, but will instead only breed impatience and restlessness. I want to get married and maybe have a kid and then when I’m 75, look back at my life and think “yeah, this has been pretty awesome”.

What are your life goals?

5 thoughts on “Life Goals

  1. Those are great goals, simple and achievable, but still something that makes you happy.

    I, on the other hand, don’t have so well determined goals, at least not at that point. I used to have them – travelling and wanting to become a published author being two of those for me as well – but unfortunately they are currently on the back-burner while I’m trying just to survive. At least I have a cat, yay (she makes the struggle easier, too.) 🙂

    • The fact that these are quite achievable is something that gives me purpose – having too lofty goals that have no clear path to fulfilment are stressful to me.

      Aw, Jo, I hope things get easier for you ❤ I'm glad to hear you at least got a fluffy companion 😀

  2. I’m impressed with how straightforward your goals are. Mine are much more complicated (and probably unrealistic), haha. I’m looking forward to your first novel! Will it be a fantasy?

    Studying abroad is amazing. Do you think you could spend a semester in the UK during your Master’s?

    I think your travel bucket list needs to include a trip to visit me. 😉

    • Mine used to be super confused, but I had to do a lot of soul searching when I dropped out of my first year at university a few years ago, haha. That really made me rethink my priorities.

      I wish I could! But my master’s is only one year long, and the curriculum is packed. So my boyfriend and I are considering maybe going abroad for six months after I finish my degree. We’ll see 😀

      Hahaha, I’ll just include a visit to you under the “travel” point

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