Not Another List of New Year’s Resolutions

A belated Happy New Year from me to you lovely Cactus readers!

A new year means a clean slate. Somehow the transition from one day to the other, from December to January, makes us feel like we can start over. With that often come resolutions, goals to fulfil. Everything we wanted to do last year but didn’t, we promise ourselves will happen this year. Some people write extensive lists on blogs; some just set them in private; some figure out one core word that they want 2016 to be the year of. I see these posts and all of those lovely resolutions, and I find them admirable, but I never feel the need to set any myself.

Not because I don’t think there is anything to improve in my life. There most definitely is, but I don’t like how yearly resolutions work. I don’t like the arbitrariness of coming up with goals in the middle of a holiday period that are so easily forgotten when real life kicks in. I don’t like having to make all resolutions at once – overwhelming much? There is much I’d like to accomplish this year, but writing it all down would make me apprehensive rather than it providing any motivation.

So I won’t. Instead, I will wish all of you a happy and healthy 2016. May all your dreams come true, whether you turned them into resolutions or not.


4 thoughts on “Not Another List of New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Wise words, my friend! I haven’t written down any personal resolutions either – won’t work anyway. I am going to write down some bloggish resolutions though (for top ten tuesday tomorrow), but somehow I think that’s different xD The start of the New Year and everyone talking about it has gotten me all motivated and excited for blogging again, so I guess this weird transition is good for something? 🙂 I’ll just continue on with what I’m doing, with a few goals in the back of my mind.

  2. I never do real-life resolutions either for the very same reasons Celine^^ Self-improvement or whatever needs to be a daily thing. A life change. Not something you pick up every January first only to give up the next month. This year though, I felt like I had some bookish goals, and since I love reading and plan to keep most of the ones I set, I actually set some bookish resolutions :0 In any case, happy 2016 ♥

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