Summer Blues

This sounds odd to many people, but summer is my least favourite time of the year. It’s not so much the weather – though I can’t handle heat well – but the boredom that gets me. In summer everything slows down. The academic year is over. Many people take time off to take a much needed break and go on holiday. I like summer for about two weeks, and then I’m ready for life to move on again.

I’m feeling the summer blues particularly now I’ve graduated. There is not much to look forward to for me after September starts. Nothing to prepare for. Except for sending out applications, there is barely anything for me to do. At first I thought this would be the perfect time for me to catch up on reading, but it seems as if I’m too restless still to really go for it.

So I’ve been searching for other occupations, discovering new things to keep me busy with. I’ve started gaming again (Civilization V, yo), picked up gardening (proud plant-mother of 7 here), and am watching more movies. I’ve also started playing more piano again (see the Youtube video below for one of my improvisations).

Summers always seem so quiet to me. Maybe it’s up to me to fill that silence.