I Queried My First Book


During Camp Nanowrimo I’ve been back into the writing groove. I’ve finally finished the story that has been in my head for over six months. It was so thought through, the only thing I had to do was fill in the scenes with words. Every scenario had already played itself out in my head, every chapter planned. It was done within a week.

And I feel like I wrote a good one. That this is a story people (especially kids) will enjoy. That they will smile and care for the main character. Unlike the YA novel I’m currently working on, this book feels like it’s one finished and polished whole. There is not a scene or page too many. It’s as good as I can make it.

Which is why I decided to query my chapter book. It’s now sitting in the first literary agent’s mailbox. It’s the first real step towards being an author, which has been my dream since I was eight. And if this agent passes on it, I will query again. And again. And if no one is interested, I will query my next book. And the next. And with every query and every book I will come closer to fulfilling my dream of some day seeing my own book in the stores.

Do you have a dream job? If there weren’t any limitations, what would you be?