Back at the Writing Table

scrivener2For a month, I didn’t write a word. I was stuck with the plot on one story, stuck with the mystery in another, and stuck with the characters on a third project. I got into a major slump, that was made worse by the pressure of school and blogging combined.

November is the month of Nanowrimo, a contest where writers pledge to write 50,000 words in 30 days. Because of my obligations, it will be impossible for me to produce 50K words without sacrificing my grades. But I do want to make a target this month. I started a new story which I’m extremely excited about. I’m pledging here and now:

  1. I will not start a new writing project until I have finished a complete first draft of one of my three current projects
  2. In the month of November, I will try to write 10,000 words

I’m currently LOVING the fact that I’m putting words on paper again, no matter that I had to start a new project to rekindle the passion. If you would like to follow my progress, I added a bar depicting my manuscripts current word count in the sidebar to your left.

What rekindles your passion to write when you’re in a slump? Are you participating in Nanowrimo this month?