Not Another List of New Year’s Resolutions

A belated Happy New Year from me to you lovely Cactus readers!

A new year means a clean slate. Somehow the transition from one day to the other, from December to January, makes us feel like we can start over. With that often come resolutions, goals to fulfil. Everything we wanted to do last year but didn’t, we promise ourselves will happen this year. Some people write extensive lists on blogs; some just set them in private; some figure out one core word that they want 2016 to be the year of. I see these posts and all of those lovely resolutions, and I find them admirable, but I never feel the need to set any myself.

Not because I don’t think there is anything to improve in my life. There most definitely is, but I don’t like how yearly resolutions work. I don’t like the arbitrariness of coming up with goals in the middle of a holiday period that are so easily forgotten when real life kicks in. I don’t like having to make all resolutions at once – overwhelming much? There is much I’d like to accomplish this year, but writing it all down would make me apprehensive rather than it providing any motivation.

So I won’t. Instead, I will wish all of you a happy and healthy 2016. May all your dreams come true, whether you turned them into resolutions or not.


Wicked Wildfire Readathon 2014

It’s that time of the year again: time for the Wicked Wildfire Readathon! Hosted by the lovely April and Kat from My Shelf Confessions, the WW Readathon is a week and a half long event dedicated to reading. My first WW Readathon was years ago, and I met so many lovely people through the chats. I’m looking forward to participating again, since for the first time in forever I’m actually free to do so. If you want to participate too – the readathon started today, so hurry! There are also two Twitter chats, and you can keep track of the other participants on their posts or the #WWreadathon hashtag.


  • Finish at least two books. I’ve been in a bit of a slump so I don’t want to overextend myself
  • Visit at least 10 blogs of other participants
  • Try to participate in one of the Twitter chats


Monday 14th

Summary: The boyfriend was here today, and I spent a lot of time reading while he played Fallout. Made great headway in the book I’m reading
Progress: 100 pages read in Lover Awakened by J.R. Ward

Tuesday 15th

Summary: Busy day! Visited my grandmother in the hospital (she’s doing okay) and had a board game night. All in all it was a pretty nice day, and still got some reading done between happenings
Progress: 50 pages read in Lover Awakened by J.R. Ward

Wednesday 16th

Summary: Time for some blog upkeep and relaxation. Already got a nice hour of reading time in the hour long train ride home from my boyfriend’s. After dinner I managed to finish my first book for the readathon. In the evening I picked up Choker and managed to read 75% of it before bed.
Progress: 150 pages read in Lover Awakened by J.R. Ward, finished the book! And some 180-ish pages in Choker by Elizabeth Woods

Thursday 17th

Summary: Finished up Choker in the morning. Good but slightly disturbing book! Since I missed the train on my way to our Dungeons & Dragons night I had the time to read quite a bit in Our Broken Sky.
Progress: Two books finished (ChokerLover Awakened). Reached my two-book goal. Also read 40% of Our Broken Sky.

Friday 18th

Summary: Since Our Broken Sky is a novella, I easily fit it in between other pursuits.
Progress: Finished Our Broken Sky novella. Finished three “books” in total

Saturday 19th

Summary: Eep! What to read next? The Cure for Dreaming just arrived, and I just couldn’t resist! Read the entire book. Usually I feel kind of burnt out after reading so much, but I blew through this one. Cat Winters’ second book didn’t disappoint.
Progress: Finished The Cure for Dreaming by Cat Winters, making a total of four books

Sunday 20th

Summary: A very hot and relaxed day. Since I don’t like reading physical books when it’s so hot (sweaty hands + paper isn’t a good combination) I picked up my Kindle again. Started Golden.
Progress: Read 75% of Golden by Jessi Kirby, closing in on five books

Monday 21st

Summary: A nice rainy day. Temperatures are a lot more bearable today. Finished Golden
Progress: Finished five books in total

Tuesday 22nd

Summary: Again very warm. Put a blanket on the grass outside and started Anna Karenina
Progress: Read 100 pages in Anna Karenina (on top of my five finished books)

Wednesday 23rd

Summary: Some more reading on my blanket! Making pretty good progress
Progress: At page 150 in Anna Karenina (on top of five finished books)